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8 Foot Light Bar
These high lumen Light Bar Fixtures are typically mounted at least 8 to 12 feet above ground level. Weighing about eight pounds, they are very light in weight and easy to install. Flush Mount to the ceiling or supended with Indak”s Cable Mounting System.

High Efficiency LED High Bay
These bright fixtures should be mounted at least 12 feet above ground level. They are very light in weight, designed to be suspended by thin steel cables (sold separately). Ideal for use under high ceilings where bright light, long life, and high efficiency is needed. Click here to view the LED High Bay Light

LED Troffers
Indak’s troffers have been completely redesigned with more efficient LEDs. They now offer a variety of different lenses in different styles to suit any decor.

LED Retrofit Kits
Indak now offers our LED Retrofit Kits to upgrade most fluorescent troffers. These kits are the quickest and easiest to install in the lighting industry. It’s a great way to get the brightness and efficiency of LED light at minimal cost.

Lighting Facts
Lighting Facts is a program of the U. S. Department of Energy. Several of Indak’s troffers are now registered with Lighting Facts, verifying their efficiency and color accuracy. See www.lightingfacts.com for more information.

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