We can deliver on your needs for concept to finished product. Our services include Design Engineering, CAD Drawing in many formats, Rapid Prototyping, Laboratory Testing, Light Measurement, and Environmental Testing
Indak’s electronic design services include everything from concept to circuit design, board layout, software, packaging, prototyping and testing.
Our LED lighting development expertise includes meeting color and intensity specifications, thermal management, lens and light pipe design, and packaging. We have a Spectrascan color co-ordinate measuring system, capable of measuring steady-state or pulsed sources in near real time, providing spectral and photometric / color-metric output displays. Our 2-meter Diameter Photometric Sphere allows us to measure large and bright light fixtures.
Our prototype shops use CAD data input to directly control tool paths of CNC machine tools and 3D printers for quick, error-free prototyping. This rapid prototype capability allows for very short lead times from concept to sample.