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Indak LED Lighting - USA Manufacturer

Indak was formed in 1947 by brothers-in-law Jesse Cobb and John Soreng. Our first products were high current automotive switches and resistors. Over the years, Indak has maintained stamping, molding, and mechanical assembly expertise while becoming an industry leader in electronics, specializing in LED lighting.

The Indak Group has worked with LED displays since the early 1980’s. Our first application was automotive clocks, followed by home appliances. By the late 1990’s we were backlighting displays and building turn signal indicators into side view mirrors for cars and trucks.

We built our first LED rear combination lamps (tail, turn and stop lights) in 2002. In 2008 we started outdoor street and parking lot lighting, quickly followed by a variety of interior building lights.

Today Indak places over a million LEDs each week. We continue to explore new designs and applications for our technology.

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